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Jeldwen Canberra MF Sidelight

Jeldwen Canberra MF Sidelight

  • £49000

These Oak Canberra patio door sidelights add additional light and a feeling of space to your set of Jeldwen Canberra French style doors. Two sidelights can be purchased to maintain a symmetrical feel to your French Doors, whilst bringing the outside in.

The half sidelights are a popular compromise when looking for maximum light and space, but without losing a feeling of warmth and security.

Please ensure that your frame opening can accept the width of the sidelight(s) in addition to the width of your French doors. Please note this cost does not include the French Doors. This is for a single sidelight only. 

These sidelights are made exactly to the specification of the Camberra Marginal Fret French Doors.

If you require your sidelights stained, please specify Golden or Dark Oak after purchasing the £225 extra over, you can do this at checkout.

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