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Thermaglaze 30 (FD30)

  • £500

Therm-a-Glaze 30 is a flexible, dry intumescent strip which is located discretely between each pane of fire safety glass and the beads holding it in place to provide protection for 30 minutes.

Therm-a-Glaze 30 has been approved for use in FD30 and FD30S fire doors and screens incorporating panes of wired fire safety glass up to 900mm x 600mm. It is easily trimmed to size with a sharp knife or scissors and fitted to the inside face of each bead by its self-adhesive backing. No adhesives, sealants or other unsightly treatments are required.

Therm-a-Glaze 30 measures 10mm x 2mm in section and is supplied ex-stock in lengths of 2100mm as standard.

Product Testing
Therm-a-Glaze 30 has passed numerous tests carried out in accordance with BS 476:parts 20 & 22 (1987). Details are available on request.

Important: As with all such products, constructions incorporating Therm-a-Glaze 30 must follow one of the model specifications proven under test (details of suitable beads, fixings, etc. are available in our literature and from our Technical Department).

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