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Thermaglaze 60 (FD60)

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Therm-a-Glaze 60 is designed to enable the glazed panels of fire doors in FD60 and FD60S rated timber fire doors using untreated hardwood beads to meet the requirements of BS 476:parts 20 & 22:1987.

Depending on the construction of the door leaf and the arrangement of the doorset, Therm-a-Glaze 60 makes it possible to glaze areas up to 0.47 square metres.

Therm-a-Glaze 60 is suitable for use with 6mm thick wired plate glass, brosilicate or ceramic glass. Door constructions based on flax or particle board cores should be lipped around the glazing aperture with softwood for 54mm thick doors and with hardwood for 45mm thick doors (of 600kg per cubic metre minimum density).

The Therm-a-Glaze 60 glazing kit method comprises two components:

Therm-a-Line is fixed to the inside of the aperture frame and held by its self-adhesive backing tape.
- 2100mm lengths of 2mm thick x 54mm wide

Therm-a-Bead is encased in a PVC sleeve and located between the pane of glass and the bead on each side by its self-adhesive backing.
- 2100mm lengths of 4mm wide x 25mm height
- Available in brown, white, cream or red finish

Product Testing
Therm-a-Glaze 60 has passed numerous tests carried out in accordance with BS 476: parts 20 & 22 (1987). Details are available on request.

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