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Beech Glazing Bead FD60

  • £1200

This Beech foil wrapped bead is certified to glaze vision panels up to 0.54 metres squared (maximum 1552mm in height or 375mm in width)

  • This bead is made to suit 54mm doors.
  • Can be used with most FD30 glasses including Pyroguard, Pyrobelite, Pyrosec 7/30, Pyrodur Plus, Pyrostem Wired & Pyroshield Wired Safety glass.
  • Bead comes in 2000mm lengths for minimum waste-age.
  • Bead comes in two different systems: System 90 or 6mm Foamtape
  • If using GWPP (Wired Pyrostem Glass 6mm thick) then choose: System 90
  • if using C1160 (Clear Pyroguard 11.4mm thick) or thicker glass, then choose: 6mm Foamtape  

This bead works with our Lorient System 90 gasket. (will be required if using GWPP glass for FD60 rated 54mm doors) 

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